Ditch The Hour-long Chicken Pot Pie Recipe and Feel Good, Not Guilty, in 5 minutes.

Lucky you. You’ve found your way over to one of the tastiest, home-cooked sides of the internet. Feeding folks? Well, I’m good at it. I’ve been doing it professionally and for family and friends for more than thirty-five years. It really matters to me that I’m preparing good food and doing it right. And finally, I’m ready to take my most requested pot pie recipe to anyone with good taste and five minutes to spare.  

Now, don’t go running away thinking about the frozen monstrosities that are the pot pies you’re used to. 1999 called and wants its consumer packaged goods back. What I’m talking about here are the best pies on the shelf. Take a bite that tastes straight from my oven right out of your own microwave. Feel good (and full!) with one of three delicious pot pies I know you’ll love.
-xoxo from your bad@*$ Auntie Ethel