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Dear Aunt Ethel: Where do Pot Pies Come From?

It started 30 years ago when gourmet food was just making a name for itself in NYC. My aunt (Aunt Ethel) grew up in Flatbush to middle class working parents.  She never even knew about food other than what came out of a can that her mother prepared for the family every night.  Over the years though, Aunt Ethel became very curious about other types of food and began to travel the world learning about new cultures. It was on one of these trips that my aunt and I decided to start this new company.

We were sitting on the beach in Hoi An, Vietnam, when I asked her what her most popular dish was among her clients.  She had been catering in NYC for the last 30 years to high net worth clients. When I asked her what do people with lots of money love to eat, she responded immediately with "My chicken pot pies, of course?!?"

It was right then that we decided to start a company serving up Pot Pies to the masses, instead of just her select clients in NYC. We spent months testing out all the Pot Pies on the market and one thing that kept coming up was how long it took to reheat them; 45 minutes to 1 hour?? This was supposed to be a comfort food that could be prepared quickly.  So, we came up with a totally 'out of the box' concept, literally and figuratively and decided to separate the Top from the Bottom so that it could be prepared in under 5 minutes with a quality that was superior to anything else out there!

The Pot Pies that we are bringing to the masses have been tried and true and the recipes have been tested out for the last 30+ years.  We hope you taste the love and passion we have for our Pot Pies!