Who's Aunt Ethel?

Aunt Ethel has been serving her pot pies up for the last 30+ years to her exclusive clients on a limited basis.  For the first time ever, we are finally making them available to families across America. Everybody deserves to try America's 'sweetheart' dish the way that it was meant to be made; rich, restaurant-quality taste and a buttery croissant puff pastry, ready in just 5 minutes!


Fun Facts

  • Founded in 1920
  • Based in Brooklyn, NY
  • Female-owned

  • Made with real ingredients
  • 1/2 the calories of other pot pies
  • Portion of proceeds given to teachers across America

Our Sayings

Cubed food is for squares
“My pies have the big chunks and slices you’ll really dig.”
Made up your mind about frozen pot pies?
"That's why I made one to change it. And then I made two more."
If you thought my pie would leave you hungry—it serves you right!
"This filling portion-size will surprise you."

Our Team

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Always surrounded by entrepreneurs, Sasha founded Aunt Ethel’s to reinvent the ultimate comfort food--the pot pie. By helping to create a nutritious, clean-labeled pot pie that is both quick and delicious, she hopes to fuel busy people the right way. Sasha hopes to grow the company keeping women centered in leadership and spreading pot pies far and wide.
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Aunt Ethel
Aunt Ethel has spent more than 20 years catering to Upper East Siders and perfecting her signature dish--pot pie. Plenty of research, trial, and error went into making her pot pie taste oven-fresh straight from your microwave to bring the taste of her kitchen into your home.
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Tristan, owner of Desert Sky Accounting, handles the books so we have more time for everything else.