How do I make a Pot Pie?

It's easy! Pop the buttery, flaky crust in a toaster or hot oven for 1 minute. Put the cup in the microwave and find something to do for 5 minutes till it's ready. Then, put the top back on the cup and dig in. Caution: contents may be hot and completely ruin other frozen pot pies forever.

How big are the pot pies?

Pot pies are individual portions. They are 12 oz with filling and crust. You'll be surprised by just how filling they are. For those with mammoth appetites, check out my suggested pairings for complementary sides.

What flavors are there?

We offer the following pot pies:

1. Classic Roasted Chicken - the "OG"

2. Coq Au Vin

3. Cumin Lentil Chili

Where is the crust from?

We partner with Dufour Pastry located in the Bronx. They are considered the "Gold Standard" for puff pastry.

Where are the pot pies made?

We make them in Brooklyn. They are all handcrafted and made with New York City love!

Who is Aunt Ethel?

Her name is Alicia Ethel Reinish and she is the founder's Aunt. Hence, Aunt Ethel. We use her name because these are her recipes, tried, tested, and perfected over decades.