There’s No Place Like Aunt Ethel's Home

Look around. I’m sure you’ve noticed we’re more than a whole year into this pandemic. And sure, things are looking up with both the temperature and the amount of available vaccines on the rise. But it’s been tough, and there is still a bit of time left before things fully start going back to normal. 


Most of us have been turning towards comfort foods. It’s been, well, a comfort. It’s been something nice to look forward to or simply something to make us happy when everything else has been uncertain. It’s been a link to home when so many have been unable to visit and commune with their family and friends. 

Allow me to share a taste of my home with you. My pot pies are everything you’ll want in a food for right now and for years to come. It’s a staple. It’s a classic. And after five years of adapting my recipe to bring it easily into your home, I guarantee you’ll be staring at pot pie perfection that can rival the home cooked version. 

I skipped the machine fakeness of my competitors and focused directly on bringing you restaurant quality taste in a convenient, virtually ready to eat package. This ain’t just your regular processed food. This’ll transport you right back home. The secret ingredient is nostalgia. And the crust. And the filling. 


Don’t be fooled by the unique packaging or the funny look. My two-part pot pie might be a little strange at first, but I’m certain that once you see the difference in a crust that stays crispy against its soft filling, you’ll never want to go back to the old way. Even the purest pot pie 


It tastes the way a home-cooked pot pie should taste, no matter how far from home you might find yourself these days.

-xoxo from your bad@*$ Auntie Ethel