I’m Too Busy to Cook

A chicken pot pie from scratch will take upwards of two hours or more. I mean, I know what I’m doing, but it can be tricky to balance getting everything to come together all at the same time. Any error leads to overdone veggies or, worse, an underdone crust. Skip the aching feet and accidental cuts and burns. You don’t need to suffer this fate just to get a quality meal that tastes like you spent all day cooking. 


The other frozen pot pies aren’t much better. Nine minutes! Eleven minutes! It's way longer than you want to stand around your microwave twiddling your thumbs. Longer still if you opt to throw the whole thing into the oven. At that point, you might as well try one from scratch.

My pies are single-serving saviors that make the perfect lunch or dinner. Whether you’re stuck in the office or just looking for real food real fast at home, as long as you have a microwave and a toaster, you’re set for that homey meal. In only five minutes. 

That’s right. Five minutes stand between you and that first steaming bite of hearty chunks of chicken and hand-cut veggies with a perfectly prepared crust. Yeah, I’m even including the let-it-rest time. I’m busy, you’re busy, but I bet you can always find five spare minutes. And if you’re the type to maximize all of your available time, here’s a list of things you can do while you wait for the microwave. I won’t stand in your way. 

Grab and go or grab-and-stay — it’s way better than another day of stale meal prep. You’re really going to eat that five whole days in a row? Not on my watch. Eat the food you want and fit it into your schedule. Skip the extra food delivery service fees this week.

-xoxo from your bad@*$ Auntie Ethel