Is It Really That Healthy?!?

That’s exactly why you don’t need that same old red box pot pie from your childhood. Peas and carrots only? How uninspired. In the cafeteria, most of the pot pies in the freezer aisle are already produced by the same company, adding in the same boring fillings. It’s time for a change. It’s time for a pot pie that can fill you up without filling up your day’s allotment of calories, sodium, and fat.

Take a peek inside our classic chicken pot pie to find peas and carrots, sure, but also hunks of corn, red bell peppers, and leeks. Find real, whole foods and no “mechanically separated chicken” or hard to pronounce ingredients.

Look, the grocery stores might be fully stocked again now, but the next time there’s a chicken shortage on the shelves, you can rest easy knowing there’s no shortage of hand-pulled organic chicken breasts inside my pie. It’s real meat. It’s a sauce that I’ve perfected over a lifetime. I’m not playing around here—we’re all family now, and I’m proud to offer you all a taste of home right out of your microwave and toaster. 


There’s even 26 grams of protein in there. I want you to feel good about picking the dish that feels good to eat. Comfort food doesn’t have to be all bad. It only tastes like a cheat day.


-xoxo from your bad@*$ Auntie Ethel