Yeah, But It’s Just A Pot Pie, Right?!?

If you’re still thinking this, you’re not paying attention. Stay with me. We’re talking premium. We’re talkingindulge yourself. We’re talking happiness that grows from the belly outward. Your gut is like asecond brain you know. Those feel-good, full-belly feelings aren’t just some illusion. There’s real happiness at the bottom of a cup of my pot pie. 

I’ve heard it all about those other big box pot pie companies. I’ve even eaten them myself. But none of them can compare whether you crave pot pies or just feel so so. Here’s where we stack up against some of the biggest complaints about the other guys. 

Pot pies are too soupy, too runny, too soggy…

Soggy on the bottom—I hated that too. That’s why we keep the buttery, flakey, layered puff pastry crust separate until it’s just time to eat. Two parts, one taste. None of the undercooked or soggy pie crust slowly turning your dinner into a one textured beige bowl. 

And my sauce? I’ve been perfecting that sauce for more than thirty years. I don’t do “too runny”. My thick, cream-based sauce is much more than an afterthought that holds everything together. It works seamlessly with the rest of the pie to help appease the appetite at almost half of the calorie count of some of the competition. 


If you can’t go get yourself a pie right now, check out the testimonials from the folks who have had the distinct pleasure. Still don’t believe me? Wait till you see a load of this chunky filling!

-xoxo from your bad@*$ Auntie Ethel